About Us

Our Goal at “Stand Up for Horses” is to bring awareness to the people about wild mustangs, burros, and mules, and raise funds to help with feed, care, and rescue of these animals. Through comedy shows and fundraisers, we will help the people, organizations, and programs that support wild horses.

We will host several annual comedy shows, with our first show dedicated to Wynema Ranch and the Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary. Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary prides itself as an eco-friendly rescue and rehabilitation refuge for America’s wild mustangs, burros, and mules.

Please contact us through email if you want to host a fundraising event for your group, or help promote or support our events. We will be holding a silent auction at this show and welcome any “prize” donations (prizes do not have to be about horses).

Upcoming Events

stand-up for horses Saturday May 30

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This comedy event is rated R and is not recommended to anyone under 16 years old.

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